The Sleepout Post: June 16 is Launch Day!

Kickstarter sneak peek, the science of melatonin, and our newest giveaway: the Sleepout Curtain!!

We’re three weeks away.

June 16th we launch on Kickstarter! Can’t believe it is almost here! To celebrate, we have a few things ready for today’s edition of The Sleepout Post:

  • Kickstarter updates & video sneak peek

  • Our newest giveaway: win a free Sleepout Curtain!

  • Sleep Science: dispelling myths about melatonin (and what it’s actually for)

We’ll also be talking a bit about the incredible Sleepout Pads - our next edition will focus on this - that Sleepout uses to block light bleeds.

To everyone reading, we can’t thank you enough for joining us along this journey.

Kickstarter Updates

We’ve spent the last few weeks gearing up for the campaign. We received our final Sleepout curtains earlier this month. It’s hard to describe the feeling of holding your invention in your hands after so much work.

We had a blast shooting our Kickstarter video but we learned that it can be tricky to show “dark” on camera. Our film crew is amazing though and managed to figure it out. Take a peek at a few snippets below:

On June 16 (Launch Day in Kickstarter world), our first backers in our Kickstarter campaign will have the best opportunity to get a Sleepout curtain at the lowest price it’ll ever be: almost 50% off retail!

You can reserve an exclusive Kickstarter discount for Sleepout with a $1 reservation. Sign up now!

Win a free Sleepout Curtain: Enter our Giveaway!

To spread the word ahead of the campaign, we’re hosting our favourite pre-launch giveaway. We’re finally able to giveaway our own Sleepout Curtain! And we want you to win one, for free! You can share this giveaway for a better chance of winning - and help others have a better chance of sleeping too.

Want to be the first to get one? Click this link to enter or use the button below:

Enter the Sleepout giveaway!

We love this gif of how Sleepout compares to traditional blinds in a bedroom:

Sleep Science: let’s get real about melatonin.

Sleep Myth: Melatonin is a sleep drug, and you should take a lot of it.

Sleep Fact: Melatonin is not a sleeping pill.

Melatonin has become one of the most frequently requested non-prescription sleep-aids in North America. Melatonin is a hormone that your body naturally produces when it believes it's nighttime (when you are in darkness or do not have much light around).

Melatonin is best used around the transition periods to fight jet lag or in the evening, hours before bed. It’s a clock shifter rather than a sleeping pill.

The dosages of melatonin on the market are generally way higher than people need (5mg, 10mg, even 20mg supplements are common). You can get them in chewable form, tablets, gummies, and more. The body naturally produces about ~0.3mg of melatonin. Studies have shown less than 1mg work fine - higher doses don’t mean they work better, they just mean more side effects.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against dosages above 3-6mg for children and the National Sleep Foundation advises caution for high doses as they can raise melatonin concentrations anywhere from 3-60 times typical natural levels.

This was learning for us and the reason we are running our sleep series with the world's top sleep researchers (now a podcast!). Dr. Michael Grandner shares more on melatonin here:

Sneak Peek: Sleepout Pads

This is our first time revealing these. They will be a key part of our product and we want you to have a first look! The Sleepout Pads are an incredible re-useable adhesive (actually a brand new adhesive technology) that will work on the sides of the Sleepout Curtain to block light bleeds.

The Pads are a one-of-a-kind in the world substance that can attach to any surface and peel off without pulling off paint, damaging walls, or damaging windows, despite not leaving any residue or being sticky to the touch. Very cool to be able to apply this new tech and our next edition will focus much more on what they can do!

That’s all for now folks! Thank you, as always for your support from us at Sleepout. We’re here to answer any questions as always, and trust that we’ll be in touch as we get closer to our launch date. The countdown is on.